African Exchange

African Exchange

African Exchange launched in 2003, Since the launching date African Exchange play a major role in spreading the vision of Remittance business in Sudan. Dubai Remit Sudan is delighted with the join of African Exchange to its remittance network.

    Khartoum Main Branch

    Address: Khartoum, Arabic Market, Cross section of Baladia Str. with MC Nimir Str.


    Contact No:. +29919990003 – +249183769911 – +249912404249

    Omdurman Branch

    Address: Omdurman, El Maworada Str.


    Contact No:. +249187571691 – +249911889715

    Madani Branch

    Address: Wad Madni, El Jamhoria Str.


    Contact No:. +249511832491 – +249917883082

    Portsudan Branch

    Address: Portsudan, El Madina Market, Badur Str., Saba Hotel


    Contact No:. +249311830394 – +249311831984 – +249918415777

    Kassala Branch

    Address: Kassala Town, Development Bank Building


    Contact No:. +249411824047 – +249912850703

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