El Rasil Exchange

El Rasil Exchange

El Rasil Exchange covers a wide area of outsiders networks and has a remittance relation with most of the GCC money transfer service providers. Dubai Remit is delighted with the join of El Rasil Exchange to its network.

    Atbara Branch

    Elrasil Atbra Branch Brbar Staion

    Tel : 0912624626 – 0123024626 – 0121139223

    Email: Elrasil.exchange@gmail.com

    Kosti Branch

    Kosti Oppisite Al saudi Bank
    Tel :0129838388
    Email: Elrasil.exchange@gmail.com


    Address: Khartoum, Arabic Market, Cross Section of Atbarah Str. with Baladia south to Express
    Contact No.:
    Working Hrs: 8:00 AM to 3:30 PM
    Working Days: Saturday to Thursday

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